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Through the course of this podcast Tracy will introduce each chapter of the book Dual Citizen. The book chronicles Tracy's life and his experiences with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure, who Tracy met when he was three. Comprised of three books and 46 chapters. Through the three books of Dual Citizen: The Connection, The Training, and The Arrival you will be taken on the journey that culminates with Tracy's arrival at the unlikely scene he was shown 40 years earlier. Tracy's commentary throughout this podcast will help fill in the blanks, provide insights, and give additional perspective to his story. 

Tracy and Bob started this project a decade ago. They got serious two years ago – Bob taking copious notes as Tracy acted out the scenes, and then the harrowing editing process. At first, they were only instructed to tell Tracy's story to guests when they asked how they got to the bed and breakfast they now run in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. A few years ago, they were told to finish writing the story down, which they completed the April of 2018. Then they were told to record it, and now it’s time for the podcast of Dual Citizen so the whole world will know. 

Why include an audio book in a podcast? Like many podcasts, Dual Citizen is the real-life story of Tracy and his personal relationship with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure. This story is unusual, and telling it usually leads to questions and discussion, as we have found out at the breakfast table at our Inn. Likewise, this podcast will undoubtedly continue as more listeners and your comments create a need for more podcasts - and the discussion is the purpose of telling this story.

Thanks for listening, welcome, and we look forward to the conversation.

Tracy and Bob, Innkeepers, Black Walnut Point Inn

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