In this episode Tracy talks about what you’re about to experience. Through the course of this podcast he will introduce each chapter of the book Dual ...View Details

It’s a little crazy, but don’t let the episode and chapter numbers mess you up. This is the first chapter of the audio book Dual Citizen, and it expla...View Details

There’s a reason Tracy is introducing and talking about each chapter. The audio book contained in this podcast contains the facts, but the commentary ...View Details

We hope you have the hang of this by now. But don’t worry, it will get more complicated when the imps and demons show up in the second section. Just s...View Details

In this episode Tracy introduces his first childhood friend, his little brother and his second mom – Momma Ro. They all help him deal with Bobby and h...View Details

So Tracy has moved to the high-rise in D.C., and Vera has found a friend and confidant in Momma Ro. The two are busy raising their children and dealin...View Details

In this episode Tracy talks about Granny, Moody, and their families. The struggles with racism, and how their families dealt with it over generations ...View Details

Tracy and Freddie are growing up, and they spend the summer with Granny and Moody in West Virginia. As six and seven year-olds, they are fascinated go...View Details

In this episode Tracy talks about his adventures with Freddie and Miss Odell down on the farm. He also tries to explain why it was moose, which are no...View Details

The boys go back to the farm, and we learn how Moody dealt with his homecoming after returning from serving in the Pacific during WW II. We also hear ...View Details