In the conclusion to the Dual Citizen series, Tracy actually sees the vision he was shown at the age of three, and the Tall Shiny Silver Figure makes ...View Details

When Bob and Tracy arrive at the dock, Tracy experiences time in a new way, which includes a discussion with his three-year-old self about their pictu...View Details

In July, Tracy is instructed to surprise Bob for his birthday, and he secretly tries to follow His directive to “Go to the other side.”

By Memorial Day, ‘Bob and Tracy’ are known as a couple in Rand, and Bob learns about gun safety. Then, Tracy is given the directive to “Take Bob out f...View Details

After Christmas Tracy is introduced to Bob’s family, and, by March, the couple meets Harry and Lynn by way of a truly West Virginian funeral.

In short order, Tracy introduces Bob to his DC friends, and the pair surprise Granny for Christmas.

Tracy finally meets his perfect spouse, which is confirmed by the prophesy Tracy was given about his wrought iron artwork.

When Tracy returns to his empty townhouse, he demands to know why he is still alone. Once Tracy stops ‘snottin’ and cryin’, the Tall Shiny Silver Figu...View Details

In this episode, Tracy reminisces over his long relationship with Moody, and is given more time to spend with Moody as his health declines.

When Tracy returns, for the first time in a long time he loves his new job, and the Tall Shiny Silver Figure throws in a bonus of the car Tracy always...View Details

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