While Tracy was still in Chattanooga, he got a warning from the Tall Shiny Silver Figure. Then Tracy realized His importance in how to deal with unexp...View Details

Tracy gets a new revelation about the visions he had in Chattanooga almost thirty years ago, even for such a time as this, January 30, 2021.

This chapter is the exact middle of the three books of Dual Citizen, and describes two visions Tracy experienced in Chattanooga, which were seminal to...View Details

Tracy briefly describes being prophesied over for the first time, and how much chicken and waffles helped.

Soon after Tracy moved to Chattanooga, Easter was upon him. Because Tracy was born on Easter Sunday and didn’t want to spend the holiday with stranger...View Details

Tracy discusses how following His instructions was easy at first, and then harder. He also talks more about his first vision, and how it healed him in...View Details

A few years into Tracy’s first job in nuclear power, things were in transition in more ways than one. In short order, Tracy simultaneously lost his jo...View Details

In this episode, Tracy talks about what it was like to be walking with Him in his adult life. This was new, and there were many things Tracy didn’t ha...View Details

This episode is a turning point, and describes how Tracy’s faith begins to match up with this world. This synthesis includes his brother Freddie, whic...View Details

Tracy describes a turning point in his relationship with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure, when he realizes  it is His detailed instructions that were mos...View Details

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