In this episode, Tracy shares discussions he has had with Him about the timing of 2020’s unusual events so far, and a glimpse of what He is about to r...View Details

Tracy returns to college a different person. Then a series of obstacles present themselves, which dramatically alter the plans set out for him.

During Tracy’s first year of college, he meets like-minded friends. By the following summer Tracy is successfully introduced as a gay man in West Virg...View Details

This episode marks the beginning of Book 2 of Dual Citizen: The Training. Picking up with Chapter 15, Tracy visits his father’s family and meets his n...View Details

Tracy further explains his experiences with The Tall Shiny Silver Figure that tied up his senior year so neatly. He also talks about the revelations a...View Details

This chapter marks the end of The Connection, the first book of the Dual Citizen Trilogy. As Tracy's senior year ends, several opportunities come full...View Details

Tracy's fills in more details about Granny Berger, and how she helped prepare him to step out into the world. In the same way, as the end of the first...View Details

In time for Mother's Day, the events that surround Tracy's junior year of high school centers on the mothers of his family. From his great Granny Berg...View Details

Tracy reminisces about Moody, and some of the adventures he couldn't tell about in the book. From his first cocktail at age 13 to his attempted adopti...View Details

Soon after Tracy bonded with Moody, Tracy is secretly introduced to his father for the first time. The encounter explains why his father was absent up...View Details

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