While Tracy and Freddie visit their Mom after school was out for the summer, a circumstance at the Moody house changes Tracy's life yet again, which g...View Details

Tracy fills us in on what a difference moving out of DC and in with Granny and Moody made on his life.

Once Tracy and Freddie settle into living with their grandparents, Granny makes some decisions about how the boys can spend their free time. The first...View Details

In this episode Tracy recalls what really went down about staying in DC or moving back to West Virginia. What happens changes his life, and Tracy's pl...View Details

This chapter discusses the next year of Tracy's life. By the end of the school year, Granny and Moody make a major decision. This changes everything f...View Details

So we are in a pivotal moment. Once Tracy realizes more about the Tall Shiny Silver Figure and how He could help him, things change. Likewise, in this...View Details

After briefly reuniting with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure, Tracy experiences first hand how much the Tall Shiny Silver Figure wants to be an integral ...View Details

Tracy is brief, and describes a point in his life that helps him make a major decision.

In this chapter we turn a corner. Tracy's relationship with Vera's second husband Bobby has changed for the worse. Moody had already decided never to ...View Details

Tracy laments about the farm in Virginia, and how much things are changing for the older Moodys. He also talks about how his Granny never ceased to am...View Details

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