Now that we’re in the home stretch, Tracy’s interactions with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure begin to happen in real time. In this episode, Harry reveal...View Details

The first chapter of The Arrival, Tracy returns to Ohio to ‘learn the family bloodline.’ This proves problematic, because Harry doesn’t understand wha...View Details

Tracy realizes His voice is Truth, even when it doesn’t make sense.

This is last chapter of Dual Citizen: The Training. The way is paved for Tracy to leave Atlanta, and his decade long stay in the desert of the south. ...View Details

Tracy talks about his partnership with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure in the corporate world.

As things speed up, Tracy’s training in this world prepares him for the next step, and a job that catapults him to a level he never expected.

Tracy talks about how he has learned to deal with the natural and supernatural in real time.

Tracy’s new job takes him around the world, with the help of an out of body experience with his friend the angel.

Tracy talks about hearing His voice.

Tracy has his first experience shopping with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure, before He leads Tracy through the transition to his next job.

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