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You can buy the books of Dual Citizen on Amazon. Each book of the trilogy of Dual Citizen: The Connection, The Training, and The Arrival are available in print and on Kindle. In the print version, each chapter begins with a black and white photo of a person, event or scene discussed during that time of Tracy's life. The book also includes an index of important characters, introductory and postscript scriptures, and a photographic Afterwards.

Dual Citizen: The Connection is also available on Audible. This doesn't include Tracy's commentary. Tracy and Bob are also available for staged readings, book signings, discussion groups and seminars. Please feel free to email us at DualCitizenBook@gmail.com

To learn more about the authors, check out the About Us page at Black Walnut Point Inn.

Above all, thanks for listening, and we hope you spread the word so that everyone will find their place at the table.

Tracy and Bob

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